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Click the BOOK MY FREE CONSULT button below. Once you’ve completed your booking form, check your inbox for more info about my services, along with the next steps to claiming your free 30 minute indepth consult (face to face or virtually).

Your free indepth consult is your opportunity to tell me about you, your goals, your hobbies and what you’re really trying to achieve. I’ll run through an introduction to me and my training style, and we will discuss the best program options that suit your goals.
If you’d like to start your health and fitness journey with me after our consult, we’ll arrange our first session.
During your first session, we’ll design your plan together – what each day of the week will involve and why. We’ll identify your strengths and check your technique and flexibility. You, your vision and your goals will determine how many sessions and how often we’ll be working 1 on 1 together.

Like most things in life, there aren’t any quick fixes, and your journey to a happier and healthier you is no different.

Your journey with me though, will be filled with goals and celebrations along the way. With constant connection and communication about your progression, struggles and highlights, you’ll feel supported and empowered while we work to achieve your targets.

All fitness programs include:

Unlimited online group training sessions (focussing on flexibility & abs)

KBHF Planner, water bottle and towel

Invites to monthly meet ups in the Brisbane area (including hikes, bike riding and paddleboarding)

Monthly team huddle

"You know every time you sign up to a gym you get your free pt sessions. I never felt like I had a proper coach and somebody that really understands me as an individual – mentally and physically. Kelly has changed this!"

Kelly is patient, kind and has an holistical approach to coaching. Kelly takes the time to understand me, she knows the way to keep me going, where I can improve, aligns with my goals and how to change direction and adapt to how I am feeling.

Flexibility has been life changing! I was getting very frustrated that I couldn’t do things, or that I couldn’t move in certain ways or train as hard as I wanted to because I couldn’t move. I’ve learnt If you want to do something for you, you just need to do it and show up!

It’s time to:

Improve Flexibility. Prevent Injuries. Improve Performance. Get Stronger. Enjoy Working Out. Eat Healthier. Clear Your Mind.

Let's get you started:

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