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Client Love

"Kelly is always there to support me! Not only having the extra motivation to keep me accountable but having a coach that if I have a question about how I’m moving, how I need to recover and if I need to change my plans the best ways to do this!"

Each session I’m progressing not only my strength but flexibility, speed and volleyball! 3 years ago I used to do 10-15 mins of flexibility before training and my 10-15 mins turned into 3 mins as it wasn’t a priority and now I complete 3-4 hours a week of flexibility!

Thank you to you and the team for everything you do and for the community you have built!

“There have been so many shifts – weight loss, muscle gain, fitness levels but one of the best is the shift in mindset – more positive and self-belief. I feel the best that I have ever felt and I think that is the combination of everything fitness, nutrition, sleep, flexibility, meditation etc. The other massive shift lately for me has been that I have been a lot more productive in my personal and work life.”
“Kelly, thank you! You’ve helped me SO much. Your expertise, knowledge, dedication and compassion are incredible. But the real difference is your ability to combine them, to benefit me and everyone else who is lucky enough to have you as a coach.”
“Flexibility really does make a HUGE difference to everything – how quickly you recover after a physically busy weekend, how less ‘stiff’ you feel generally and how much more you get out of training sessions with full range of movement.”
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"Before introducing the nutritional supplements I felt anxious, not very focused and my body took a lot longer to recover after an event."

Now, I have more energy and the body has been better prepared before and after events.

Cellsentials/Magnecel D, procosamine incorporated with flexibility, nutrition, hydration leading up to, during and following an event has better prepared the body and my recovery is noticeably quicker.


Extraordinary You 4 Week Program Review:


I’ve really enjoyed being part of this and not only for myself but also having the opportunity to hear from others and remind myself that we are all in the same boat just paddling a little differently.


Thanks for the last 4 weeks. It has been great! I can definitely feel some changes, I’m taking more ownership of certain elements of my life. The coffee has well and truly reduced.


This four week program has helped me immensely and I am beyond grateful for you, Kelly, and how you have helped me throughout this four week program and on my journey so far.

"You know every time you sign up to a gym you get your free pt sessions. I never felt like I had a proper coach and somebody that really understands me as an individual – mentally and physically. Kelly has changed this!"

Kelly is patient, kind and has an holistical approach to coaching. Kelly takes the time to understand me, she knows the way to keep me going, where I can improve, aligns with my goals and how to change direction and adapt to how I am feeling.

Flexibility has been life changing! I was getting very frustrated that I couldn’t do things, or that I couldn’t move in certain ways or train as hard as I wanted to because I couldn’t move. I’ve learnt If you want to do something for you, you just need to do it and show up!


It’s time to make your physical health a way of life. When you’re physically well, you feel good.